Tuesday, September 3, 2013

the ripple blanket

I am a terrible blanket/ afghan maker. I lose focus and start about 50 other projects before I ever finish these larger ones. It only took me about 2 and half years to finish... That's really sad. I keep telling myself that the Patchwork will get done way before, yeah right, I'm thinking...and I'm sure you are too.
These are not the best photos, so I'll try to take better ones tomorrow. (the dark colors are actually a darker blue and purple). Yes, I broke my own picture taking rules...no natural light with these to show the true colors.
I'll also try to come up with a name for the new bag, so I can get that pattern posted.

ripple blanket bundled .its huge!!

the pattern

The ripple is finished and I am truly in love with ripples! I will make another one ….tbe bolster, and the cushions all in ripples.  The rhythm of this pattern was just what I needed.  It was a pleasure to pick up my hook each evening and do a few rows.  I finished this blanket a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance to do a post until now.  Its holidays /lazy days for me here at the moment and it is crazy busy.  But this morning my  daughter-in-law and my niece are at home today and I’m sneaking a few minutes on the computer.
Happy crocheting!

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