Thursday, September 5, 2013

my courtyard

  Flexible laundry line conveniently dries your hand wash garments, or other clothes. This is my makeshift clothes line when cloth rack is not sufficient I tie-up this here and sometimes at the other corner of the front yard.

 I remember occasionally running like crazy my aunts outside to get our clothes before the rain started. I also remember being little and running under the lines, hiding in the clothes. And smells. Oh dear….if you’ve never slept on sheets dried outside, you really don’t know what you’re missing.


I really love my front yard.  This is my clothesline and, behind it, my ivy hanging on up cycled vase on macrame knot holder that I made in 80’s  Look:

the traditional method for drying clothes in haryana

 HERE is the link
the first lot the second will fallow at 10:30 AM
Here’s my first load drying. The benefits of line drying are many. God created sunlight to do so many awesome things. Not only does it dry the clothes, but it also bleaches some stains right out. Try it! If you can’t get a stain out, let it dry in the sun. You’ll be impressed. If you can dry your clothes outside, you’re saving a bundle by not running the dryer.
 my niece is watering the plants at front yard
I know everybody’s seen marigolds, previously I was not in love with them  but since 2-3 years  I am wildly in love with these, even though the orange is not my love colour.  A djustment to this wall there is a rose bush in pot a few weeks ago, one of the thorn of rose bush  stabbed me as I was weeding the marigold, and it made my knuckle swell up like a golf ball, but that misery did not diminish my admiration for this rose or any of its sisters and brothers like champa, jatropa and others:
the table that sits here day and night

That one is called “Polyanthus climbing rose” and it smells so delectable—I had a quick impulse to take a bite   of all these petals.  The buds are striped.  I know, right? 
the green grove

Relevant to neither the cloth’s line nor the flowers but to the front yard in general, last morning  as we all five sat convivially around the small table in the glow of the sun  light oozing throe the tree in front of our house, having a happy debriefing about our various days and watching the rays  and I was enjoying a cup of green tee, suddenly there was a HUGE rustling in the corner of the greenery area, and snapping of sticks and we all just froze for a terrified minute.  I said, “It’s probably the cat,” and my niece  said, “No, its ’s in neighbors’  house.”  Then the rustling was closer, and the branches were cracking and snapping, and Vikky suddenly jumped up, and that’s when I lost it and yelled, “Gabhera!” and all four (except mom) of us ran screaming for the house.  When we reached the safety of the room, we looked at each other and fell apart laughing.  These people are the best.  It was a big lizard like creature.

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