Friday, September 20, 2013


You know winter is coming in and when in the Shraddha  period crows crock off. Don't they do just that, crock in other months?   I stood watching them in amazement, as they flew after taking their food on the wall (someone offered them boiled rice performing shradha ritual) of Park in front of our house.

As they flew in their undulating and purposeful, hoz-poz shape. I almost wave them good buy, it felt like i should shout “till next year, all the best, and you will be missed. Take good care of yourselves”.

In the month of September falls “Pitru Paksha” it  is a 15 lunar day’s period when we people  pay homage tour  ancestors,  perform  Shraddha ritual   through food offerings  and donate clothes to  people in need.  It falls in the lunar month of Ashvin beginning with the full moon day in Bhaadra  or next day of full moon day.

I watched there was moon on west and sun was rising on the east but not visible from the 

place I was standing. I was waiting to capture the photo of the rising sun from my place.

I thought I will capture photos of both at a time Sun from the East  and of Moon from the 

West just 2 minutes later clouds came in, and covered the sun, but rather than detracting 

from the scene,

they diffracted Sunlight into a pretty glow over clouds and crimson red flames like light. Further west I was able to grab a photo of moon.
see the moon in the above photo it was 6:30 AM (double click for clear vision)

I stood and admired a group of crows sweeping through the sky in a graceful clump the other day. It was the view from the jogging lane in park in front of our house.

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