Sunday, October 13, 2013

End of Navratri Puja

Yellow flower of kaner (oliender) offered to "Maa"

‘Kalash’represents Earth and Water element.A ‘Kalash’ is believed to be a symbolic form of ‘MA Durga’ enchanting auspiciousness during ‘Navratras’.Keeping the ‘Kalash’ in the home invokes positivity everywhere. This ‘Kalash’must not be touched during the nine days.

'Jyoti’represents ‘Fire’, ‘Air’ and ‘Space’ elements since lighting of the ‘Jyot’ emanates brightness in the room/house (’Space) and the fragrance (‘Fumes’) which purifies the ‘air’.
"Parsada" is puri, chhole and halva.

"Akhand Jyot" non-stop lighting of Diva in front of "Maa"
Preparation for ‘Akhand Jyot’:
 Mix saffron (‘Kesar’) and turmeric powder (‘Haldi’) in pure ‘Ghee’(Clarified Butter) and use this ‘ghee’ only for the ‘Jyot’ during ‘Navratras’and while preparing ‘jyot’ always put ‘Chhoti Elaichi’ (Green Cardamom) in itvand offer this to MA Durga.

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