Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today  (5th Oct, 2013) on  Maa Durga Navratri.We did Ghatasthapana to mark the nine day festivity.
 Ghatasthapana is invocation of Goddess Shakti it is done in the morning hours of the 1st day of the begenning of Navratra.
Navratri basically means "Nine Nights" ("Nav" meaning nine and "Ratri" meaning nights). It is a prominent Hindu festival and devoted to Goddess Durga. Navratras, are celebrated twice in a year. The first one observed in April-May (Chaitra month) end with Ram Navami and the second in September-October (Ashwani month) end with Dussehra. Incidentally, these two periods mark the beginning of summer and winter seasons. Sri Ram is worshipped during the first Navratras whereas Maa Durga in the second Navratras.


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