Monday, October 7, 2013

House renovation..the front yard.......

 In the Beginning 
Sometimes it is good to step back from a project to get some perspective. Below this text is a picture of our front yard  as it looked in the Summer of 2000. The bougainvillea was planted    sometime in the 1990's - early 1980's. To the left was  the door (not in picture)  where the pillar of the gate  was.

Below (in a separate post since blogger wouldn't let me put all the pictures in a single one) are some pictures of the front yard as it has progressed since the picture below was taken.

Evolution common wall of the front yard balcony as seen from the passage to drawing 

room shortly after we renovated our house (Winter of 2002-2003)

here is the wall after we’d begun scraping damp; sanding the outer boundary walls. Also, note 

that the  floor has been remade with marble and cement. The old window has been 

replaced (2002-2003)  

This picture was taken after we'd stripped all the plaster  off the walls and mounted tiles on it.

The wall after it has been  plastered and re plastered and an expansion of the boundary to give us room for our car (summer 2006)

Reading time at balcony

Another view of the new doorway with the final coats of paint and the new marble flooring (Summer  2007). 

The balcony  sort of illuminated in (2009).

The balcony as my niece ; daughter were in the process of hanging lights (Diwali 2009). 

And, the balcony as it appeared as of last month. I thought I had a better picture of the pseudo-finished project, but, if I do, I can't find it. Sorry, a bit anti-climatic (September 2013). I'll get some better ones (with all the lights on maybe) this week.

I can't decide what is more amazing: that it took this long to get this far or that we made it at all. Just a couple more days of renovation(due to poor construction of outer wall ..we didn’t put tar on the foundations) some  trim and the balcony  will be finished, I hope.

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