Monday, October 28, 2013

Lazy hours at the centre with a crochet hook in my hand

Crochet is the perfect project for a day that you are feeling exposed. I have so much work to do, but can’t get my energy back after a week of being many works in hand + I have to go outside (at the sewing,embroidery and craft center of our NGO) for supervision for two hours in a day, so I comfort myself crafting a single colour and pineapple pattern crochet bag sitting at the center. 

I found this pattern/ picture  a few weeks ago on internet ( it was for sale/ custom made on request with margin of some 15 days)   and have been dreaming of making it, pulling out my little snippets of leftover acrylic yarns so that it will be with the colour I love.

Later I found out The bag is on  one of the  Chinese site and I copy pasted it on M-doc page no link saved, I will post the link if found..later on ............ I can read the pattern with photos, I myself pen down my by this photo of course! 

Then I focus on my crochet. Really crochet has comfort-food like quality with its simplicity. A shining and glossy crochet hook with one stitch on it at a time. Because the design needs frequent check. But its only some 2-3 stitches worth. I love to make this. Otherwise I had 2-3 other mini projects with single crochet stitch only. With a very simple single crochet, you can make so many things. A calming pastime that is forgiving in its nature. I love to knit first since my childhood crochet came later. But crochet is here to stay.

instructor making and teaching drafting/cutting of a shirt 
Sitting on the chair at the center feeling at ease while crocheting. Seeing the instructor and learner to chat and making drafting's,/cuttings. I took some pics while they were on work.

Stitched shirt
 This craft always takes me back to my girlhood, learning to crochet from my family aunts from maternal-and paternal side. I can still remember the picot edging  session s made by them in the summer noons and at night in the inner parts of mansion they had made. In Haryana it was customary to carry 50-100 teals (suits) for in-laws  to gift and each teal consists of  Chunni laced with crochet picot edgings, colourful piping, tassels, Gota work, sitare and embroidery  

Renu showing her stitched shirt of her mom

Then there was my other crocheting relative, Dadi Pato, my mom’s paternal aunt, a fattty lady who was huge ans as tall as she was wide, with a great big laugh and short tempered used to shout on her sis-in-laws for tit-bits. She has a unique personality and uniquely dressed up figure to match her energy level. She always had her crocheting with her. She was really the fastest crocheter i ever met. She would arrive-for tea at my mom’s mamu’s house, ask you your hand size, and by the time she left she had crocheted you a pair of finger-less gloves. Whether you wanted them or not.
I want to tell another lady who is my relative and a great embroiderer  of course very huge and wide but not tall, very fond of doing embroidery and fast too..............she always insisted me to make something for me with her embroidery.........I never let her to do for me...........rather I preferred to do my things with my hands she got me started  a wall hanging with thick embroidery  on birdies on tree that i never finished. I just was not dedicated to lazy-dazy stitches with mini needle and thin silk threads, i guess.
 Obviously it is safer to choose a project that not need a close attention, as this one does. Though I find it fascinating with pineapple pattern on it. As for as colour is concerned .no planning ahead, just crochet.and crochet stitch by stitch. Believe it or not I decided to make one for each of my nieces-and I planned to crochet them with different colour for each...............I have 8 nieces. 

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