Monday, October 7, 2013

This is  Diwili season .the season of annual cleaning 
Are any of you interested visiting the people's house and  seeing how others live?  So I decided it was only fair to let others see how we people live, plus it gave me an excuse to clean....  and I always need a reason to motivate me to clean!

View from living room  into The Family Room- the brahmaasaa paintings of six months with a themes  from International Center Delhi. This  room color inspiration is from that area where these were mounted at the center!

  The Side Table- My Mom made this up-cycled vase after I drooled over the one at My sis's house. It was the laborious work my Mom  presented to me after doing it in a month time. This is supposed to be presented for her dearest daughter  so she worked out it quite nicely!  Total cost, only nothing it is done with  up-cycled items!

I heart my jatropa in the Terra cota painted vase. it sits on the wooden bead mat stringed/made by my niece.

Hatt  inspired niche is the perfect clutter catcher! mini wooden book, photos, hair clips, mosquito killer,a handmade camel  on this niche. Two Barahmasa paintings, ventilators with niche, all find a home

 this android green colour is sooosoothing

Me made cushions on the custom made Deewan    made me realize I was on the right track with this color scheme.

We can't forget the Sitar candy that took far longer to Place  than to Play! 

My ivy with dried Pipal leaves

The kitchen is right off the family room.  When we enter this room, it is the dinning table with open cabinet welcomes with warm colours of the mugs.previously this family was a washroom with the passage to backyard and our kitchen.

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