Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Hibiscus

 When we entered this hous as the sole owners and trying to collect plants for our front and back yard  I was told( by the plant doctor…yes the gardener in our front park of the locality)  that having a red hibiscus plant growing on your property is considered a sign of   luck in parts of North India and in the Bengal region.  So imagine my disappointment when, these days due to extreme cold near about 3 degree here , our very own red hibiscus plant suffered from a severe attack of this cold and produce very small flowers .

I was   on the hunt for a beautiful bowl, and transformed an olden terracotta bowel embellish it with stones an filled it with water to float the single flower on the plant in it .  Wouldn’t this be fabulous in an entry in our front yard?  

 We people even spent an entire Sunday afternoon painstakingly wiping off each leaf with spraying water   to wash the accumulated dust of the road.  After a month of suspense, our china rose  sprouted its first flower last week – Hooray!

Here is our bathed flower, along with my daughter’s and niece’s favourite dresses – also featuring our beloved flower – a keepsake photo for both of them :

This flower is termed as MANDARA , as is the mythic Mountain Mandara-that was used to to churn the ocean of milk in the Puranic account of Lord Vishnu’s Kurma Avatar.  It is unclear if there is any link between these 2 terms. 

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