Monday, September 30, 2013

Flue caught me up, my crochet roses

flue caught me up, my crochet roses
I am ill…yes with .the flu….I am not a good patient, I am in fact an impatient patient.As my father used to say my younger sis was very patient patient she used to bear a lot of pain when got toothech. Any how! I have had the hot cold hot cold thing, the headaches, the runny nose, the itchy throat and now I have a cough, hopefully, I will feel better once the cough becomes productive eugh….
Anyway, all I’ve done since last Wednesday is knit!
This is what I‘ve been working on

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the leaves for on the flower roses .....the roses were crocheted long back
, and if it hadn’t been for the absolutely delicious yarn where a shining thread is running rhrow, I might have given up as the pattern was a pain in the you know what! However, after making the pattern i mean drawing the pattern on paper, i had made amendments, all good! but what to do with already crocheted roses with leaves You can read more about the previously crocheted roses here.

I have also finished this lovely recycled mug…I bought the mugs last year when I was in Delhi. I have very special memories of the day I bought the mugs, several colourful bowls and some other dishes. this one was used by me for my turmuric milk at night. and it cracked. it was difficult to toss off so i made use of old useless CD’s that were lying around. and did some mosaic work on it.
i will let you know the recipe how i did it on any of the upcoming post.....till then OK!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

My keli, Quote of the day

My cannas (KELI) have shot away to exceptional tall heights this season due to all the rain we’ve been getting over the past couple of weeks, so much that many have already reached the heights that they usually get too much later in the season. My front balcony  is simply a blaze of beautiful fresh colours.

it seems will rain at night too

I still haven’t watered the cannas as there has been so much rain in our city but thankfully not as much as there has been in certain areas in Rajasthan, the cities of Jaipu, Kota, Udaipur and surrounding areas have been severely flooded and unfortunately many lives, lifestyles and homes have been in danger.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

My squate vase flower arrangement

Up cycled vase ......Yes the squat vase for mini flower arrangements

see the five patels

Jatropas are fabulous for cut flowers(as I think) , they last really a long time and are so colourful. I have Spice variety of jatropa growing in my front yard  and it is wonderful feeling cutting one’s own for table arrangements. Although this arrangement is placed in my niche. OK!

These mini jatropa flowers  are also great in mini bulb vases and squat vases

Next time i sill make  mini bulb vases for my jatropa flowers.of course using the tutorial on the above video

Jatrophas are very toxic and is listed as a number indoor plant which affects children and pets annually. Avoid this as an indoor plant subject and definitely don't handle this as a source for cut flowers.

Happy creativity!