Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rags to reaches , my balcony garden, Quote of the day

I visited a village some time ago and found Durries with rag strings and  pillows using rags string blocks. believe me or not i found them in each and every house of that village i it a flue of string blocks?

If you haven't made a string block before, consider yourself warned: they are majorly addicting, as I mentioned in the name of flue! I Made an oath! I will make these blocks after completing my pending sewing projects ..yes I will use leftover pieces for making these strip blocks . It was so incredibly fun, quick, and easy, that I just HAD to have another go. Just to make sure. So I scurried home and squirreled away into my rag bag to plot. The next day, this happened. Have a look at the picture below!

Leaves of Jatropa's are equally awesome as the colour of flowers

My jatropa 

Isn't it!


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