Monday, December 22, 2014

“I heard a definition once: Happiness is health and a short memory! I wish I'd invented it, because it is very true.”

Yesterday  being Holyday it  was my son’s sports day, when I
 Came out in our front yard in afternoon I actually saw the mist  spread all over sides . Now for most people this is sooooo. It's winter lady, it's supposed to be mist. ‘Well not around Delhi it's not’ answered my daughter, when I asked her yesterday. Hisar city of Haryana got extremes of the weather every year. 

Being an IAF expat, I grew up strolling in every part of India   experiencing different weather of the   country. We used to spent every vacation at my home town here, so it was no

 biggie.   I did have to take pictures to prove I wasn't hallucinating. I am worried   about my little granddaughter Rehana who is so small and enjoying bearable winter weather at her nana’s house, will accompany us here in one or two days.

So I am thinking to make her booties, mittens and cap. That’s why today and yesterday have been my major project day. Still not done anything of the three, but the end is in sight. Will have it done before the end of the weekend. Good thing as I want to make them till Tuesday or Thursday.
 My list of projects I want to be playing with is growing and growing. Seems like for every project done, my idea list grows by at least 2. I can't seem to catch up with my ideas.
I do keep telling myself over and over that I will never lack for something to keep me busy.
This morning we saw more mist/haze on the Superstition than we have ever seen. True we have only lived here  many. many.. winters now. But still.
This is looking out my front gate  this morning at 7:00AM when I went out to take News paper for my son   and look at all the snow on his car.
This is the lowest I have seen the mist in our village.
 My Dadi used to say actual winter days run from 23rd of December till Feb 5, temperature now is nearing 0 degree..
Ha! Ha! Ha! What a GemSaying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well with all the crazy weather I thing I need a bright spot in start of my day.

Few and far between but oh so delicate and lovely. Not to mention the corner of my front yard with jasmine flower bush..rather without any flower.

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