Monday, October 15, 2012

The dinner yesterday, and today

When we were kids and visit our grandpa’s at village, we used to sit on flour and eat  dalia . Grandma would make a simple dinner of sweet  dalia   and we would be more than happy to eat dinner along with ghee and milk. I am here with the  dalia  racipe (mine) not grandmaa’s.
Dalia  1 cup
Gur (black jaggery) 2 tablspn

Ghee tablspn

Method :
Boil gur with water in a pan. Roast Dalia  with little ghee. When the colour of dalia become little bit brown,add Gur syrup  Mix thoroughly and well. Cook for 30 minutes on slow heat. serve hot with ghee.Here it is served in traditional haryanvi dish bela of kansa metal (brass+copper)


i bought these coconuts for Puja today .The  Navratraa fasts will be fallowed from today till 22nd of Oct.


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