Thursday, October 25, 2012

nav raatraa puja pics

We light akhand jyoti that keeps burning throughout the nine days of Navratri
  This jyoti represents the immense devotion for Goddess Durga. 

It is also a message to the devotees to never lose hope even in worst circumstances just like the little diya lights even the darkest places. It also shows that devotion will bring the light of knowledge in your life. 
According to 'mantra-mahodadhi'-'Deepam ghrut yutam dakshe, tel yutah ch vamatah'       Meaning: Diya with ghee should be kept on the right hand side of the Goddess and the oil lit diya should be kept on the left hand side of the Goddess. 
The akhand jyoti should be kept burning throughout the nine days. Keep a small diya in case you need to add oil or move the wicker of the akhand jyoti then light the small lamp with the akhand jyoti and keep it aside.
If in any case the akhand jyoti blows out then I  use the small lamp to light it again. Also I make sure to blow out the small lamp by dipping it in ghee.

Navratri, Puja  at my  tiny corner 

Barley grass and Diya 

Happy day!!!!

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