Monday, October 29, 2012

my black and orange dress Wiz Khalifa( One Hit Wonder) Thrill Of It-

Today I stumbled upon Wiz Khalif ‘s rap song “Black and Yellow” and inspired for this post of my dress!

It was Diwali cleaning (last year) has allowed me to be reintroduced to my stash!  I found this cotton shisha work fabric in black and orange  that I bought in jaipur, Rajasthan probably around 2005.  On first look at the shop, I murmured “I would love to wear dress out of this fabric!!”I bought it there and then.I decided it would be perfect for my summer dress. 
Fortunately, enough time has past that I have forgotten how expensive this fabric was or I would be afraid to cut it( because of shisha embriodery on it).  But in my renewed interest in sewing, I've also decided that the time has come to use the "good" fabric rather than saving it for some mythical perfect project.
I love this fabric; I've used cotton from this shop before.  It sews beautifully, it takes high heat during pressing, and it a breeze to wash and wear (no ironing required).  Ignore the wrinkles in my photo above; it was taken after a full day of work.  
Normally I am a natural fabric snob but mostly I have to use any tipe of fabric as teel ( a complete dress material gifted to girls)giving culture of Haryanvi’s  s insists me to do this. This very reasonably priced fabric is a pleasure to sew. The pattern(my own) pattern miraculously renewed my excitement in sewing!  And then I decided that I needed to evolve another brand new pattern with crochet trims for my next project:  no repeat projects, is my new rule!  (But if I do, I'll dispense with the armhold facings and just use bias binding instead.)
This is one of those happy projects where the garment ends up looking exactly as I imagined it when I saw the fabric! 

Sorry for the pics with wrinkles

Again as Diwali is around the corner from now. It is Diwali cleaning that has allowed me to be reintroduced to my deep buried dresses! And I dug it out

Wiz Khalif ‘s rap song “Black and Yellow” 

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