Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lovely tea cozy.........ITS ME.......

The pattern is free .  Did You like it, to make yourself!?
ITS ME.......

I love things that make my life easier and lovelier.  In fact, I think that’s why I do everything I do.
Relevant to neither the laundry nor the roses, but to the backyard in general, last night as we all four sat convivially around the patio table in the glow of the fairy lights, having a happy debriefing about our various days and watching the fireflies and I was enjoying a glass of carrot juice, suddenly there was a HUGE rustling in the corner with my potted plants, and snapping of sticks and we all just froze for a terrified minute.  I said, “It’s probably the cat,” and my niece said, “No, it’s something tinny.”  Then the rustling was closer, and the branches were cracking and snapping, my niece suddenly jumped up, on noticing Kerela, “Bhago Bhago!” shouted my niece, and all four of us ran to have a stick in our hands. Soon it disappeared by his own... ....we took the breath of relief.



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