Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bhajan and Brainstorming a word........

Before the  brain storm for a word!  Let us listen a Haryanvi  Bhajan on  Navratraa  FAST  days

Now brain storm 

Today I searched about juxtaposition. I first found this photograph 
here with the caption…… 

An interesting  Juxtaposition

"Juxtaposition  in dictionary
"Teaching Shakespeare Through Exercises on Acting and on the Basic Emotions" Juxtaposition and Contrast. Web. Sep. 2011 
·         The tableau was pretty, but the pose and juxtaposition were too eloquent and evident to require explanation.
·         In the centre of the eastern side of the Place, rose a heavy and hybrid construction, formed of three buildings placed in juxtaposition.
·         From this day she forced herself to take pains to avoid him--never allowing herself, as formerly, to remain long in his company, even if their juxtaposition were purely accidental.
·         The drama of the juxtaposition  was lost in the shuffle.
  • And it's not just a juxtaposition  of pattern but of time as well, combining the not-so-distant geologic past with the present.
  • Subtle colored backgrounds harmonize the juxtaposition  of black-and-white sketches and prints with color reproductions.
This week I searched  about juxtaposition. The word sounds unfamiliar and a little bit weird for me, but it makes me curious and keep searching the meaning explainations with sentences from the internet. Well after acquented with  some examples of juxtaposition I start to understand and think more deep what is the meaning of juxtaposition. And now I’m ready to tell you about juxtaposition :
 Juxtapostion is the arrangement of two opposing ideas, characters, objects, etc. side-by-side or in similar narratives for effect. Juxtaposition usually use in literature and film. It use in film to develop develop the storyline or characters - it is applied variously to opposing emotions, abstract concepts, character traits/values, or images.
Juxtaposition also can be the comparison of two side different or make 2 items become contrast.
For the example Romeo and Juliet I.v. has a wide range of strong contrasts:
• youth and old age;
• servants and nobles;
• love-sick Romeo and fiery Tybalt;
• the noisy public feast and the private whispers of the lovers;
• Romeo's infatuation and Juliet's wit;
• the old nurse and young Juliet; and so on.
There are two types of juxtaposition
1. Literary juxtaposition: synonymous with contrast, two objects or texts that oppose one another
2. Random juxtaposition: two random objects moving in parallel, a technique intended to stimulate creativity
And this is more important and clear meaning of juxtaposition

 Children playing near Beirut, Lebanon, 1982

Photojournalist Steve McCurry shows a group of children playing on a tank in Lebanon, demonstrating just how effective juxtaposition can be when utilized in photojournalism. For some parts of the world ravaged by civil unrest, this may not be a shocking image, but for others this photo is a cause for concern. Seemingly innocent children playing on a tank contrasts with what many feel is “normal” for play. The result is that the story you get about this place in Lebanon is very different than it would be if it showed soldiers near a tank or children playing on a playground.

 Middle-aged man riding children’s bicycle

Here  the humor of juxtaposition. A middle age man riding on a child’s bicycle? In real life that would be a little odd but in photography it’s, well, really funny.Stock photographer Tatiana Boyle shows that in stock photography you have a chance to use juxtaposition just for fun, and it’s not always about depicting a greater story. This is a fantastic way to contrast youth and age in a way that communicates a funny message.


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