Saturday, October 27, 2012

Calender hour of the past..and now!

Benchmark schedule of the day
I did mush with this calender I transformed it into the mat….one day while stairing at it I become nostelgic…….like the purpose of making it …….how strongly my kids used to fallow their schedule of homework, game and other duties imposed upon them….then I thought what a magic and organized we became if we fallow certain rules strictly…like we do earlier…..and I took promises to stick on’…
Like..i will purchase vegs and fruits to consume on that day only ! what is the use to buy lots of apple today when we didn’t agree to have them within 2-3 days……….puting them in the fridge for long to consume electricity…….
Also for other things we shop only once a week. If we’re short of milk, drink tea.if we’re out of apples, eat bers. There’s no need to have one of everything we like in the house once. Except detergents.i will go to baniya shop for that, butnothing else.  Multiple trips to the store to pick up this or that really crowd my days, so I don’t do it!
We will use a calender.everything on the calender is a commitment, nothing is a commitment until it’s on the calendar.  And the calendar stays at home.  Which means, I can’t agree to anything until I think about it.  And don’t buy one of those ones where a day is a whole page, you might actually be tempted to fill it!
Really we only agree to do what we really want to do. Saying 

 NO is a very important part of keeping your day simple.  Just because someone else thinks we SHOULD do something as often as they wish has little impact on our decision. Sure I’d like to say no to the ladies who come to me for instructions of recycling projects. I will volunteer my services strictly three days in a week.
We will organize our days around bench marks.
The breakfast at sharp 9:10, lunch 2:30, dinner 9:30 bed time11:30.

  The day is organized around benchmarks. I have four things on my mental to do list.  8:35, 3:45, 5:00, and 7:30.  When the kids are off to school, when I get in the car line, when hubby gets home, and the kids’ bedtime.  There’s no scheduling to the minute, ever.  I just know what has to be done for those four things to happen.
We have to ignore yoga if it’s visit to village farm. If there’s a long walk then there’s no meeting friends in the park

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