Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Diwali cleaning ....

First, it's the cool morning breeze with the hint of jasmine (from my yard) smell through  the window . Then comes the articles in festival specials of newspapers and magazines and, finally, the in-built alarm goes off. Yes, it's time for spring-cleaning. Diwali is round the corner. The routine remains unvarying year after year.

 For a nano-second perhaps, but the likelier thing would be that the poor boy wouldn't know what to do with the mounds of memories he will inherit. It was with immense relief that I saw most of these things carted away to orphanages, which'd definitely find better use for them.
The rest went to the highest bidding Kabadi_Wala  But, yes, the hoarding instinct can't be banished in a day so I'm hanging on to a few things which still live and breathe for me.
Among them a few brittle letters in a tin toffee box exchanges between my then newly-wed parents; sage advice from dadu to a headstrong me and some sepia photographs. Clutter, did you say? Heirlooms, my friends, heirlooms. And also something for the next generation to do when they spring clean for Diwali.
Yes I read the paper piece of times of india.. which was layered at the bottom of one of the drawer of my chest in store room...and yes while doing the DIWALI Cleaning ...
and I found these flowers I made ........when........I didn't remember.............but............ i still remember i made them for making the neckline(yoke) for my daughter's top....... yes it was in the morning at 10:30 AM

not justice with the photo

I will post the pattern of these roses later on!
they are cute then here

they are with 5 petals each

 while sitting in front of my computer at night i cached their beauty in my phone camera

I am in love with these roses - they are stunning

blues were few


these are some of the rings for the mirrors
Happy day!!!!!!!!!

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