Tuesday, March 25, 2014

my jatropha today

My first blooms after Vasant Panchami the official spring day of India are of the
Jatropha_integerrima . The shrub is about 8 ft. tall now. I’d bought it 10 years back.
Jatropha integerrima, commonly called spicy jatropha or peregrina, isn’t particularly picky about its environment. Other than keeping warm, this practically care-free plant suffers damage from even light cold and frost. This plant has a naturally domed, shrubby habit that lends itself well to pruning to tree form. Spicy jatropha produces clusters of bright red blooms nearly year-round, and works well as a specimen or patio plant. The best time to start seeds for this tropical native is about three months before the rainy season begins in your area.
Yes my Jatropha_integerrima is now show-stopper — yet.  It gets knocked back every winter and is slow to come back. This variety  grow fine in fairly sandy soil and take lots of sun.

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