Tuesday, March 11, 2014

yesterdays rain.....till day


pics of clear sky in the mornings at 8: AM no rains the whole night then it
started raining with ice balls. I was sitting in the verandah, in front of the
rain, for 2 and a half hours, and it did not stop. In fact, it's   back to
raining hard again. It had   been raining constantly, without stopping for
a second, since just before 9:00PM. We had a really hard burst about 15 mins before
10: PM too then it stopped till now today

she the sun rays in darker blue

Artificial flowers so I can bask in their beauty year round.

Here is another vista of the doorway.  I always used to  discuss  about this breathing space  as my front balcony, my green corner, my
corner.etc..etc….  With the new wreath at the door and little amendments
here and there it looks like this now.  

the corner today



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