Thursday, March 13, 2014

Festivity with flower wall hanging


 I am feeling very happy today for a number of reasons. Firstly, because I completed my project at night (2:00AM) ,secondly I have just finished drinking a lovely cup of hot tea with newly bought  tulsi leaves  and

have relaxed on the sofa for the morning hours  with my crochet basket at my feet, drag this hanging I made 2 years ago using Lucy's flower on the Attic 24 blog  to hang it on the wall again for this festivity(previously it stayd on wall for 2-3 months then it was stored in the basket). I have finished this blog post and also because I have finally finished my crochet Happy Flower.

my niece on work

Finally its found the place here
  I crocheted it making alterations immediately and the  stiffened part was not required  then I sat in my store  room waiting to be strung together for a good few days, then I strung it HERE, HERE and  now it is again ready to beautify the wall and it is just soooo, well, HAPPY.


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