Sunday, March 9, 2014

the lazy sunday

“Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
                                    ------Joseph Addison
I like Sundays.. Sundays are nice days, out of Saturday and Sunday I think I like Sunday the most. Sundays are not so frantically filled as Saturdays. Sundays are about delighting in the littlier things. Wiping the kitchen platforms down and taking a moment to pause and smile at those clean surfaces. Ripping out 30% of the knitting/ crochet you had done that day because you discovered a mistake which you know you could never ignore. Making treats for the whole week aheaad. Sitting on your bed and just listening to old lyrics. Finding the spray-paint I bought last month and put it somewhere deep in the store, at last I found it on the upper shelf of the , now to get my new wreath  painted red.
Some of the details………….
clean kitchen my d-in-law  making aalu parathas
art cluster
I also recently hung a large art cluster wall at my open room.  Lots of old treasured pictures, of barahmaasaa couple of which belonged to my father are now up and being admired by all who see them.
Look at this room above.  I consider this room to be a little on the imperfect side and yet this a room I could love and live in and be perfectly at home in.  It must be said that the look of imperfection in a home is forgiving and comfortable and something that you can't try too hard to achieve. 
the front yard
the corner
the store room
all organized and clean.
In a similar way this room invites you in to its slightly disheveled realm.  It has that familiar look about it, as though you may have seen it before. 
This was my Sunday.

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