Monday, March 10, 2014

weather at my place

weather at my place- furious wind out of what looks like clear blue sky and suddenly clouds boil up like a children's movie or a bad 80's video. Wind comes from all directions and the birds all shut up. Its raining every now and then since 5:30 PM last evening  
clouds from my front yard
 Lately, I have heard many Harynavis say that this is one of the coldest winters they have ever experienced in this area. After analyzing some data, I have come to the conclusion that this winter has been abnormally cold, also  coldest on record too.
clouds from my backyard

 I didn’t’ dare to go for my morning walk I roasted some garam masala ingredients  it filled the house with pleasant aroma and set them aside to cool…I will grind them into powder at night after dinner..

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