Sunday, March 16, 2014

Granny square blanke, tLet’s celebrate with…….


Yay, pictures of a finished baby blanket! After finishing the blanket rather quickly, it took me twice as long to get through all those 150 ends. With some projects I tend to weave them in per motif, however with this blanket I just kept on crocheting. But, no whining, because it’s done!

The blanket has a rather dense structure, which I think will make it a perfect stroller blanket for not so cold walks. There is after all  little wool in this yarn; acrylic  is what I used in a large variety of colours. Since our girl will be born in Summer this blanket may be perfect for the first couple months. Time will tell, but at least I love how the colours work together and how the squares turned out based on the pattern I created myself.
Next up is the matching mama shawl according to my mom’s shawl. As I work up the triangles, my mind wanders off to how to lay them out for joining. How many rows? What width? What to do with the colour lay out? I will keep you updated on how this progresses.
Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead, hopefully with lots of sun and crochet, preferably combined.
I found three pieces of glazed-pottery at the open  thrift store this afternoon   for this big pot! 
 I have   crushed fried rice and fried groundnuts for the  new big pot to store!  I love them!
I've been noticing a few cute things lately. These two little kitties are drinking milk they are very cute indeed!  


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